Senior Discounts for Boomer Retirement Budgets

senior discounts

Getting older isn’t all that bad, you get senior discounts and they add up! It is fairly well known that too many retirees waste money.

One Month of Free Groceries Per Year

Some neglect to downsize, drive and maintain two cars when one is enough, give to every charity that calls, and others fail to ask for senior discounts on everything. Boomer’s age 55 and older with the right information can save a bundle; especially important for those on a tight retirement budget. Here are a few discounts that I know of that can save you more than a few bucks.

Senior Discounts

  1. Shop at Kohl’s on Wednesdays to get a 15 percent discount, if you are age 60 or older.
  2. Most car rental and transportation companies (Hertz, Budget, Amtrak, etc.) offer senior discounts.
  3. Walgreens, special Seniors Days offers an outstanding discount, 20 percent on many items, via the store’s Balance Rewards loyalty program. To be eligible, sign up for a free Balance Rewards card. Discounts are for those at least 55 years old or AARP members.
  4. Michaels gives seniors at least 55 years old a 10 percent discount on the purchase on top of any sales discounts; and so does Pep Boys (auto repairs and parts, 10 percent discount, at least 55 years old).
  5. Cell phone companies (Verizon, T-Mobil, Sprint, etc.) have lower rates for seniors age 55 and up.
  6. Restaurants compete for senior business; too many discounts to list – just ask or research AARP, which is a good place to find a ton of senior discounts.
  7. Tanger Outlets teamed up with AARP to help you save. Tanger Outlets gives you a coupon booklet that could be worth up to a thousand bucks. Claim the booty at the Shopper Services desk.
  8. National Parks: Uncle Sam offers seniors age 62 and older unlimited access to federal recreation areas, including national parks, for only $20 a year. Another option is the lifetime pass for $80.

There are other ways to save. Read Money Saving Resources for additional ways to stretch your retirement income.

I hope this helps. And don’t forget, time is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have. I encourage everyone to make the most of his or her financial resources, retire early, and enjoy your time as long as you can.


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