Save Energy Efficiency Water Heater

Spending time to cut your utility bills and save energy adds up over time. Energy efficiency is cumulative, do it once and keep saving, and saving. As a former environmental consultant and publisher of environmental magazines, I learned a lot about energy efficiency. One of the favorite things I did was getting something for nothing (over time).

hybrid water heater savings energy efficiencyWhen I needed a new water heater for our home, I decided to purchase a hybrid water heater. What's that? It is a water heater that works like an air conditioner in that it takes heat out of the room and transfers it. In the cast of a water heater, it transfers the heat to the water in the water heater. You save money over and over again given it cuts your utility bill. It pays for itself over time; you literally get something for nothing. Also, there are often tax deductions for buying this type of appliance. I wrote up a post a few years ago on another one of my blogs for those interested: Choosing the Best Energy Efficient Water Heater.

Creating hot water is typically the largest energy user in the home after heating and cooling (HVAC).

The GE hybrid water heater we purchased in 2012 uses about 60% less energy to heat water verses a standard water heater. With the energy efficiency tax break, it paid for itself in less than four years and it continues to save energy. In addition, it is good for the environment.



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