Longest Bull Market in History What to do?

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Boss Man Jax here letting you know I just discovered Allan Roth. He is a Financial Planner and the founder of the planning firm Wealth Logic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also writes for The Wall Street Journal and AARP The Magazine. Roth has taught investing at three universities.

Allan says to his clients he is charging them $450 an hour to tell them he doesn’t know the future (read 10 Tactless Things I Tell Clients). That’s a lot of dog bones that come with the steak still attached! And, likely some good financial advice from a seasoned investing professional.Boss Man Jax at the butcher FIRE

Here are a few articles I read this morning written by Allen Roth that you might find useful in your quest for financial independence:

Lessons From the Longest Bull Market in U.S. History. Good times won’t last forever, but neither will bad. Five takeaways from the longest bull market in U.S. history and a few facts to keep in mind about your investments by Allan Roth (AARP article; money, investing, saving | published August 23, 2018).

Fidelity Zero vs Vanguard: Which index fund is better? (Financial Planning article by Allan Roth; index fund investing, fees, retirement | published August 14, 2018)

Make Inertia Work for Your Nest Egg, Sometimes sticking with a smart plan is the more lucrative option. When investing, whether inertia turns out to be good or bad for your financial independence depends how you use it. (AARP article by Allen Roth; investing, financial planning | published March 7, 2018)

In addition to the great financial reads above, don’t forget basic financial education is important to your success and learning a little more every week pays dividends; do your homework. Look for high quality companies with great management teams that are selling at a discount. Boss Man Jax keeps it simple and says,

Buy low and sell high! – Boss Man Jax

Re-balancing your investments on a regular basis helps you do just that, but first you need a financial plan that sets goals for your asset allocation.  More on that coming soon.

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