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cut the cord cable TV alternatives

cut the cord cable TV alternativesCut the cord and lose those outrageous, recurring payments to Comcast xfinity. There are many online cable TV alternatives available now (2019). You can save money without the need to make any significant sacrifices.

Actually, I find the cord cutting services to be much better than xfinity TV. If you are like me, you despise Comcast customer service, their “equipment rental” fees, promos that end without advanced notice (your bill goes up unannounced), and the list goes on. I took action. I cut the cord. And, we’re not alone.

Nielsen released a report that takes a look at how over-the-air TV (OTA) is rapidly growing. According to that Nielsen report, 16 million American households used an antenna to watch TV in 2018; up from 11 million in 2010.

As a result, I’ll save more than $500 per year. After one week, I already have a better TV experience at a lower cost. I’m still watching my favorite TV shows live as well as almost any past show saved in the cloud. This option was NOT available from Comcast xfinity without paying a DVR monthly equipment rental fee per TV in the home (wasteful spending).

What are the alternatives to Comcast Xfinity?

cut the cord cable TV alternativesToday, an endless list of viewing options that function as alternatives to cable and satellite TV are available. Over time, those disgusted with Comcast have learned to use cost-effective, money saving cable TV alternatives:

  • Roku – awesome alternative, we have a Roku box connected to our bedroom TV and a Roku TV in our living room. IMHO, Roku offers the best overall service for those who want to ditch cable. One of the first to develop a box dedicated to streaming video, Roku supports numerous streaming services, and Roku works with almost any TV or service.
  • HD TV Antenna – check Walmart, BestBuy, or Amazon. There are over 50 channels available for free in our area (Metro Richmond, VA #RVA)
  • TV Channels Online – free online streaming is readily available now; read Best 31 Free Live TV Streaming Sites for Watching TV Online
  • YouTube TV – fee to use, my choice and we love it so far ($40/month, Feb. 2019)
  • Amazon Prime, Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Sling TV – tried it, but didn’t keep it due to channel choices and cost of service
  • DirecTV Now
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Netflix
  • Premium Channel Online Subscriptions
  • PlayStation Vue and many others.

Cut the cord and ditch your cable company! You’ll save a lot of money that you can put towards building wealth and becoming Financially Independent the Dream Oasis (#FIDO).

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