Boss Man Jax Tells All

Welcome to Boss Man Jax! The Boss Man, Jax, is one of our dogs. He lives with his twin sister, Madison. Jax and Madison are best buds and they want you to enjoy life just like they do. No jobs, hang out on the deck, vacation at the beach, play Frisbee when every possible, and take long walks in the park.

But, to do so, you’ll need to understand a bit about making money, spending money wisely, budgeting, basic finance, investing what you save, and becoming financially independent and retire early (sooner than most people think).

No “get rich quick” scheme here; it takes time and education to become debt free and financially independent, but it really isn’t hard. Getting started sooner rather than later in life is where its at. You with Boss Man Jax? OK, let’s get started.


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