1. Just received (05/21/19): Citi Bank $500 Checking Offer
    Income: $500.00 deposited into our account. Thanks Citi Bank!

    I hope you read the post above and you are making some easy money as well.
    – Boss Man Jax

  2. June 2019: moved the funds out of the Citi Bank account and closed the account. They pay little interest (basically none) so no reason to keep the account open. Also, they have minimum balance fees, which I hate and avoid with a passion.

    Moved the funds to Vanguard Prime Money Market paying ~2.5% interest.

    Yes, it works and we are getting a 5% return with no market risk for the year. Let me know if you are building wealth this way. I’ve been doing it for years. Barclay’s, Discover Online Bank, and Citi all paid us a sign-up bonus when we opened the accounts. Barclay’s and Discover both currently pay >2% interest so you don’t necessarily need to close those accounts after using this strategy for your emergency funds.

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