Review DOSH App Cash Back

review dosh app

DOSH App Cash Back Review

“So guess what? You just got $5.00.” And, we are getting a lot more than that with the DOSH app. DOSH is an add-on to your cash back, travel bonus miles, or other reward credit cards. Note, it doesn’t currently take Discover however. My Review DOSH app comments below are for those looking to save more, lower expenses, and become financially independent sooner rather than later. It is one of my new favorite “income stacking” (recurring revenue) recommendations to friends, family, and colleagues.

I use Personal Capital to monitor my recurring revenue streams. It is excellent software and there is no cost to use it for tracking your net worth, cash flow and investments.

How it Works | DOSH App

Install the DOSH app and you start making money. It only takes a few minutes and it is super easy to install.

Connect your cards. Securely link your credit and debit cards. You get $5 just for adding your first card. And, then setup your partner/spouse/kids and you’ll get paid for that as well through the DOSH referral program. You get $5 for each one when they link a verified card.

Whenever you pay with your linked cards, DOSH gets you cash back from thousands of stores, gas stations, and restaurants. For example, my wife and I have plans to take our niece out for dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Yesterday, before loading the DOSH app on our phones we would get nothing extra back. Now, we’ll get an extra 5% cash back since we have the DOSH app and the restaurant is included. You can get up to 10% cash back automatically in your DOSH Wallet at places you already shop.

How You Get Paid | DOSH App

review dosh app bossmanjax.comThere are a few options to get paid from DOSH. You can transfer your cash to bank accounts, Venmo, PayPal, or donate to charity from the app. With respect to security, which is uber important, the DOSH app is secured with 256-bit encryption to ensure your information is protected. Also, DOSH does not store any credit or banking information. All credit card information is “tokenized” and vaulted using Braintree, which is a PayPal service.

Why DOSH Gives You Cash Back

DOSH claims to be the fastest growing card‑linked offers platform proven to attract new customers in‑store, increase purchase frequency, and average order value. It helps the business market their services and rewards their customers in the process. It is a win-win in my opinion. You don’t get anything from Facebook ads or all of the data they collect from you. You do with this DOSH app.

Also note, DOSH does not sell personally identifiable information to any third party. Account authentication uses Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Review DOSH App Summary

I rarely use the term, no brainer. But in this case, the DOSH app is a no brainer for those seeking financial independence. It helps you lower your expenses at places you already frequent. And, the DOSH app pays you to do things you are already doing. I highly recommend this recurring revenue opportunity. Great job DOSH!



    • UPDATE: It doesn’t look like you’ll get 2% back at Sam’s Club although that’s what is on their website. They only pay on new memberships apparently. Update the website DOSH!

  1. Want $300? Love this card! You get $300 bonus w/ new card.
    Spend only $1,000 in purchases on new card in first 3 months of Card Membership. You receive $300 back in the form of a statement credit. Choose from all available card offers. You get the cash bonus and we get a referral bonus; no matter what Card you are approved for.
    Apply for this American Express Card with this link to get the extra bonus cash. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!

  2. #RVA Awesome for grocery shopping at Kroger. DOSH app is now giving 5% extra back. That’s where we shop most! Get in on it, cut your grocery spending by 5% this weekend! Download the app & we get a few extra bucks too (win-win). And, $5 just for loading the app!: 😎

    Since posting this review, we got over $20 extra cash and it took 10 minutes max to set it up. That’s around $120/hour for our time and it will grow to much more than that over time. How much did you get using the app?

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