Atomic Habits Book Review

Atomic Habits book review

Atomic Habits Book Review | Author, James Clear

Is there an easy way to build good habits and eliminate bad ones? Yes, reading the Atomic Habits book review will help convince you to get started.  I’m a firm believer that incremental, systematic changes add up significantly over time. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

Whether you are in the process of cutting wasteful spending, increasing your income, or losing weight for that matter, focusing on the system that leads to attaining your longer-term goals is important. The desired results happen without thinking about it.

And, good habits are developed based on who you believe you are and not who you’ll “someday” become.

What I Learned from Reading Atomic Habits

  • Focusing on a “system” now is better than focusing on the end result/goals
  • People succeed by making incremental changes in habits on a day-to-day basis
  • Understand massive improvements just happen in the long-term, if you get 1% better every day
  • There are common mistakes most people make when changing his/her habits
  • Overcoming a lack of motivation and willpower is easier than you think
  • Learn to believe in yourself by building a rock solid, strong identity
  • You can make time for new, good habits no matter how busy you are today
  • You will get off course and there are things you can do to get back on track

My friends, clients, and business partners often hear me say, “Implementation is everything.” Having a great idea, plan, or goal can be exciting. But, nothing happens without implementation. Nothing happens unless we take action. How do we put what we learn from reading this Atomic Habits Book Review into practice in real life?

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Small Changes, Big Results

The author of Atomic Habits, James Clear, provides us with a proven framework for improving every day. Clear is one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. And, the book does a great job of simplifying a rather complex topic. Most folks don’t realize they are following a system, albeit one that often results in creating and not changing their bad habits.

After reading the book, you’ll realize the problem isn’t you or your goals, it is your system. Often it is a system that causes your bad habits to repeat themselves again and again. You set the right goals, but your system is flawed and you fail to achieve those goals. Key take-away, learn to build a system that automatically leads to sucess.

Clear uses examples and ideas from biology, psychology, and neuroscience to create an easy-to-understand guide for making good habits inevitable and bad habits impossible. He also uses inspiring true stories from Olympic gold medalists, award-winning artists, life-saving physicians, star comedians, and business leaders who have used the science of small habits to master their craft. They rose to the top of their fields and you can too.

Reading Atomic Habits will reshape the way you think about processes, progress, and success. It provides the tools and strategies you need to transform your habits; stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, or achieve another goal you desire.

Create Good Habits, Break Bad Ones

Atomic Habits is comprehensive when it comes to the topic of habits and improvement. It is a practical guide on how to create good habits and become one percent better every day. Follow the guide and you’ll improve.

If you’re having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn’t you. The problem is most likely your system. A system you haven’t focused on. A failing system that allows your bad habits to repeat themselves. It is not because you don’t want to change, but because you have the wrong system for change. This is one of the key points of Atomic Habits. I highly recommend reading the book to achieve success that lasts.


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  1. The habits I decided to change after reading the book are my habits associated with my exercise routine and my overall health. I started with small changes, such as hitting my daily “steps” goal (fitness tracker). This required that I exercise more every day. Focusing on getting 1% better each day lead to a significant improvement within a month (over 40% more steps from the previous month).

    As a result, it has become a habit to exercise more frequently and eat more sensibly. In addition, I made a HealthyWage bet to lose weight. HealthyWage is definitely helping me stay motivated and the fitness tracker is keeping me moving! I’m on track to lose 10% of my weight overall; it’s working!

    I hope you enjoy reading the book and benefit from it as much as I am.

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