Best Places to Retire

Best Places to RetireWhat are some of the best places to retire when it comes time? I don’t know if we’ll move from our current “location” when we retire, but just in case I’m creating a running list of the best places to retire based on several factors including the financial aspects, such as taxes in retirement.

So, you followed the SMART Path to Financial Independence and now you are ready to find a retirement community and/or downsize. With so many options, we need to create at least two lists. One, the criteria and desired amenities, such as active retirement community, great walking/biking paths, social activities, pet friendly, scenic view/water view, club house or activity center and so on. The second list includes the possible locations.

The amenities offered by each location will help us create a wish list based on the available options. A pet friendly, active retirement community is high on our list for sure.

The retirement areas are based on reading articles about the Best Places to Retire and republishing those that look interesting. On another note, I’m adding active retirement communities to the list on a regular basis.


Loretto, Florida
(Less than 20 miles south of Jacksonville)
City’s median listing price: $210,000
Neighborhood’s median listing price: $185,000

Bayside West, Florida
(Within the city limits of Tampa)
City’s median listing price: $309,900
Neighborhood’s median listing price: $233,900

SOURCE: CNBCC 10 Best Neighborhoods for Retirement (December 2018)

Retirement Communities to Consider:

The Villages Florida – Prices begin around $115,000 and go up to over $1 million. Stay active during retirement, big focus seems to be health and wellness: softball fields, polo grounds, golf, exercise classes, etc. Article: Retiring in These Luxe Communities Carries a Steep Price

Sawgrass Villa, Florida – Sawgrass Villa Country Club, retirement community mentioned on HGTV lottery show.

Tips for Retiring in Florida


  • Determine the insurability of the house you want to buy, before buying it! Annual premiums can be several thousand dollars more than you were expecting to pay.
  • The risk of hurricanes makes insuring your home in Florida complex and expensive. Expect to pay a higher deductible for hurricane damage; generally, 2% or 5% of your coverage amount for damages caused by a hurricane. Keep enough money in your emergency fund to cover this potential expense if you retire in Florida.
  • Wind Mitigation Inspection (before buying a home): There are special construction features that help a home withstand high winds. The cost to insure a home without wind mitigation features might be four times higher than a home with wind mitigation. (SOURCE: Ten Things You Must Know Before Retiring to Florida)

Best Places to Retire Articles

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