Best Places to Retire

Best Places to RetireWhat are some of the best places to retire when it comes time? I don’t know if we’ll move from our current “location” when we retire, but just in case I’m creating a running list of places I might consider. The areas are based on reading articles about the Best Places to Retire and republishing those that look interesting:

Loretto, Florida
(Less than 20 miles south of Jacksonville)
City’s median listing price: $210,000
Neighborhood’s median listing price: $185,000

Bayside West, Florida
(Within the city limits of Tampa)
City’s median listing price: $309,900
Neighborhood’s median listing price: $233,900

SOURCE: CNBCC 10 Best Neighborhoods for Retirement (December 2018)

Places to Consider:

Sawgrass Villa, Florida

Sawgrass Villa Country Club, retirement community mentioned on HGTV lottery show.