Retirement Chasers

Chasers Behind on Retirement Savings Goals Worry

According to a recent Allianz Life’s Chasing Retirement Study, half of those saving for retirement are “Chasers” who are behind on their retirement goals. They worry they can’t catch up if they don’t increase their savings rate soon. Allianz claims: Chasers are defined as those who are saving but have either fallen behind on where […]

Save Energy Efficiency Water Heater

Spending time to cut your utility bills and save energy adds up over time. Energy efficiency is cumulative, do it once and keep saving, and saving. As a former environmental consultant and publisher of environmental magazines, I learned a lot about energy efficiency. One of the favorite things I did was getting something for nothing […]

early retirement planning

Early Retirement Planning

Early retirement planning is key to your financial longevity especially if you retire a decade or more before reaching 65.  What’s most important to consider for your early retirement planning? Taxes? Health insurance? Emergencies? Portfolio growth? Retirement activities such as travel and hobbies? Let’s take a look at some of the recommendations for early retirement […]

emergency funds

Emergency Funds Management for Higher Returns

What is the best way to manage your emergency funds? How much do you really need in your emergency fund? Where to keep emergency funds for higher returns? Boss Man Jax keeps his emergency funds in multiple online savings accounts. Although you do get higher interest rates than your typical banks, the online savings rates […]

Taxes in Retirement 567

Taxes In Retirement

What impact will taxes in retirement have on your retirement income? Have you thought about a retirement tax strategy? Not necessarily my area of expertise, so this weekend I attended a local Taxes in Retirement 567 seminar (on Saturday morning!). It is hard to believe retirement is rated as one of life’s most stressful events. […]

Are Millennials Saving for Retirement?

The short answer is the majority of millennials are not saving for retirement. According to one of the largest retirement-plan providers, Fidelity, roughly two-thirds of millennials have nothing saved for the future at all (data based on Millennials and Retirement: Already Falling Short, February report by the National Institute on Retirement Security). However, the smart millennials – like […]