Boss Man Jax and his twin sister, Madison, are two labs living the easy life in Glen Allen, Virginia. In an effort to help others, they speak through us, Greg and Lee Ann Magnus. Fortunately, we focused on educating ourselves on finances to achieve financial independence.

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We hope you benefit from the information we share; what our family has learned through the years, and continues to learn everyday about money, living free of “bad” debt, retirement planning, and related financial topics. And yes, we made some serious financial mistakes and we’ll share those as well so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

We enjoy learning and we definitely thoroughly enjoy our financial independence. We can retire whenever we want now, but we both still work by choice. We’re not the FIRE crowd. We’re more of what we decided to call #FIDO – Financial Independence the Dream Oasis. To us, it’s not just about being able to retire early. It’s about YOUR dream, YOUR oasis. 

The Boss Man Jax and Madison are best buds and they want you to enjoy life just like they do. No jobs, hang out on the deck, vacation at the beach, play Frisbee when every possible, and take long walks in the park.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 2014-08-skydive-gjm-la_600x900.jpgBut, to do so, you’ll need to understand a bit about making money, spending money wisely, basic budgeting and finance, investing what you save, and becoming financially independent, the dream oasis. And, retire early if that is your goal.

No “get rich quick” scheme here; it takes time and education to become financially independent and live your dream, but it really isn’t hard. Getting started sooner rather than later in life is where it’s at, but if you are getting a late start you can still do it. It’s never too early or too late to focus on financial independence.

You with Boss Man Jax? OK, let’s get started.

#FIDO – Boston, MA Trip
#FIDO Madison snow

#FIDO – No matter the weather, it’s always Frisbee time according to Madison.

#FIDO – Emerald Isle, NC
#FIDO – One of our beach vacation pics while in Florida.

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