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Welcome fellow millionaires (or soon to be millionaires) to Madison's 10% Club. No, you don't need to be a millionaire or take home a huge salary to join the Club.

To join the Club, you only need to do one thing. You must take the pledge that you will do what's necessary to educate yourself with respect to money and set your goal to become a millionaire within your lifetime.

That's it, get started and you'll be there before you know it. Becoming financially independent (#FI) starts with believing in yourself, and knowing if others are doing it you can do it too!

Bona fide members achieved millionaire status in several ways, such as focusing on recurring revenue and income stacking. However, in almost all cases we learned how to take control of our money, and time, and we educated ourselves on basic finance.

We read books, articles, blogs, and consulted with other successful individuals as well as financial professionals to make it happen.

I'm Madison

The 10% Club's mission is to help others become financially independent by sharing our knowledge and encouraging others to do the right thing with their money, and their life.

We sincerely hope the information we share helps you achieve your mission. In the interim, you can subscribe to Boss Man Jax (click here) or use the form below and receive information that will lead you to financial freedom.

There are no membership fees, in-your-face sales pitches, or get rich quick schemes in the 10% Club. However, there is a plethora of passion for helping others succeed.

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